The Citardauq Formula

This is interesting — if ax 2 + bx + c = 0, then It’s called the citardauq formula — citardauq is quadratic spelled backward. It’s explained above by the inimitable James Tanton; here’s a Facebook discussion ; and see the second answer here regarding questions of numerical instability.

Source: The Citardauq Formula

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Never knew it had a “name”; did you?

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Why do I need a Gooferment permission slip to … …


… … buy any drug?

I have a friend that has no medical insurance and prostate problems.

Why does he need a

“Gooferment permission slip” aka a prescription on a

Gooferment approved form from a

Gooferment approved bureaucrat aka a doctor to go to a

Gooferment approved store to be waited on by a

Gooferment approved bureaucrat aka a pharmacist to buy a

Gooferment approved product aka a “drug”?

And then everyone is surprised when medical care and drugs are so expensive.

Is someone afraid that he might buy his drug without Gooferment approval?


What have we become but a Nanny state?

Argh! Argh!

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Did you hear the one about the negative-coupon mortgage-backed bond?

Copenhagen | In the world’s biggest covered-bond market, a Danish bank says it’s now ready to sell 10-year mortgage-backed notes at a negative coupon for the first time.

Source: Did you hear the one about the negative-coupon mortgage-backed bond?

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Does this make ANY economic sense at all?  I’m baffled.  As soon as they off me  a “negative” interest rate, I think I’ll take it.  They are going to pay you to take a mortgage?  Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I do NOT understand the logic of this.

Maybe it’s a version of Three Card Monte I’ve never seen, but I’ve been around a long time?

If you understand it, please explain it to me, but use small words, I’m real old.

Remember the sources of my education! I’m just a fat old white guy retired injineer who’d now a poor old senior citizen on a fixed income with:
* Law “degree” from watching Judge Judy;
* Medical “degree” from watching Doctor Phil;
* Building “degree” from watching “Holmes on Homes”;
* Investing “degree” from reading about Bernie Made-off;
* Finance “degree”from listening to Ric Edelman;
* sensitively managing Human Resources from watching Chef Ramsey; and
* creating loving / caring human relationships from studying the movie roles of Gunny Ronald Lee Ermey

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