GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Why do I need a Gooferment permission slip to … …


… … buy any drug?

I have a friend that has no medical insurance and prostate problems.

Why does he need a

“Gooferment permission slip” aka a prescription on a

Gooferment approved form from a

Gooferment approved bureaucrat aka a doctor to go to a

Gooferment approved store to be waited on by a

Gooferment approved bureaucrat aka a pharmacist to buy a

Gooferment approved product aka a “drug”?

And then everyone is surprised when medical care and drugs are so expensive.

Is someone afraid that he might buy his drug without Gooferment approval?


What have we become but a Nanny state?

Argh! Argh!

# – # – # – # – #

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