VOCABULARY: nomophobia (?)

What happens when you drop your cell phone and the screen cracks? Do you repair or replace the phone? Many of us just continue to limp along with a broken screen until it becomes unusable. Eventually, we get a new phone. Unfortunately, phones are getting more and more expensive.

Source: Repair or Replace Phone? Here’s Why You Need to Fix That Broken Phone

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There’s even a rise in a psychological issue known as ‘nomophobia’, which is the fear of being offline or not having your phone on you to be able to look something up or post on social media, for example.

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Is this a real word?

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Iraqi woman answered ‘uh’ over 200 times in Swiss citizenship test | Daily Mail Online

Iraqi woman fails Swiss citizenship test after answering ‘uh’ over 200 times despite living there for 20 years and claiming to speak German

Source: Iraqi woman answered ‘uh’ over 200 times in Swiss citizenship test | Daily Mail Online

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Maybe English fluency should be required for admission to the US or citizenship?

If Switzerland can do it, why not the USA?

And, we should borrow their foreign policy too!

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Tulsi Gabbard for President – Official Website – TULSI 2020

TULSI 2020

Source: Tulsi Gabbard for President – Official Website – TULSI 2020

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​As a little L libertarian, who is anti-war and pro-peace, I urge you to donate a dollar to keep her in the Democratic debates. Yes, I know, that on many policies, she is as terrible as the rest of the socialist aka communist candidates.

BUT, (and there is always a BIG butt),


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And though July’s second debate uses similar rules, the DNC announced late last month that starting with September’s third debate, it will be a good deal tougher to make the cut.

First, the polling threshold for inclusion will be raised to 2 percent, in at least four polls between June 28 and August 28.

Second, and even more worryingly for much of the field, candidates would also need 130,000 unique donors to qualify (with at least 400 donors each in 20 states). Meaning they can no longer get in through polling alone, as seven candidates seem likely to do for the first debate. And even those who already reached the 65,000-donor level would have to rake in a lot more support.

Candidates who rely on traditional big-dollar fundraising, self-funders, candidates focusing intensely on early states at this point, or those who are simply less nationally known may have a very tough time meeting that standard.

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So, even if you just donate a dollar, that will make you a “unique donor”!

So, if you want to keep the “anti-war” candidate on the debate stage, then you have to act.

I think of it as a way to send a message to all “We, The Sheeple” that “anti-war” questions should be asked of all the candidates.

Call it hacking the Democratic Debates.

Think of it as part of a “peace commercial” for a dollar!



GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Why can’t I give my blood pressure medicine to someone in need?

Recently, the doc changed my from OLMESARTAN MEDOXOMIL to amLODIOine.

There’s nothing wrong both are for High Blood Pressure.

So, I have about ⅔ of a ninety day supply that I can not use.  

What can I do with it?

So, being fat old white guy injineer, I said there must be some poor person out there who needs the drug and can’t afford it.  I’ll just give it to them. 

Doc says he can’t do that.  My pharmacist friend says that’s illegal.

But I can put it in the local medical disposal dropbox for safe destruction.


Anyone see a problem here?

And everyone wonders why drugs are so expensive?

It’s not like anyone can get high on it?  

Quite the opposite, someone can lower their BP and pee a lot.

But Big Gooferment and Big Pharma won’t get a cut of that donation so it must be destroyed!


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