GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Why can’t I give my blood pressure medicine to someone in need?

Recently, the doc changed my from OLMESARTAN MEDOXOMIL to amLODIOine.

There’s nothing wrong both are for High Blood Pressure.

So, I have about ⅔ of a ninety day supply that I can not use.  

What can I do with it?

So, being fat old white guy injineer, I said there must be some poor person out there who needs the drug and can’t afford it.  I’ll just give it to them. 

Doc says he can’t do that.  My pharmacist friend says that’s illegal.

But I can put it in the local medical disposal dropbox for safe destruction.


Anyone see a problem here?

And everyone wonders why drugs are so expensive?

It’s not like anyone can get high on it?  

Quite the opposite, someone can lower their BP and pee a lot.

But Big Gooferment and Big Pharma won’t get a cut of that donation so it must be destroyed!


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