Reality Is Not Optional

(Don Boudreaux) Tweet In my most-recent column for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review I imagine a wholly unrealistic – as in, politically wholly unrealistic – response to one of Elizabeth Warren’s foolish statements . A slice: “Consider health care.

Source: Reality Is Not Optional

*** begin quote ***

“Therefore, relieving us Americans of having to pay directly for our medical care will oblige government to ration care. That’s an inevitable result of causing the demand for many kinds of health care to exceed the supply. There’s no avoiding the need to prevent people from consuming all the medical care they seek to consume when they don’t pay for it directly.

*** end quote ***

Seems obvious!  Call it “death panels”, “rationing”, or whatever euphemism you can come up with but it’s going to happen.

Look at Canada, UK, the VA, Indian Healthcare, it’s all about “rationing”.

And, even Medicare / Medicaid is “limited” by the limited number of doctors who  will accept it.

Politicians and bureaucrats can no deny the Laws of Economic than they can the Laws Of Physics.


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