RANT: Social Security Disability is a joke

Here’s a personal rant.

From PERSONAL experience.

Social Security Disability pays a maximum of a little over 1k$ with a five month “waiting period”.

She earned about 4k$ and paid Soc Sec’s taxes on that.

So, if it was a real “insurance  company”, then that “policy” would have been terrible.

A true disability policy would replace the lost earnings.

The victim in the morality play is screwed. 

And, everyone should NOT depend upon it for anything but “chump change”.

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5 Responses to RANT: Social Security Disability is a joke

  1. lazyhaze says:

    I agree with you. Overt regulation is irksome and we ordinary folks can do without it.
    I come from a country that people here like to call, ‘third world’. There is hardly any regulation there. It has deteriorated into a system of, well, there is no system. It is almost impossible to start a small business, or do anything that will benefit people and the country is suffering for it. That’s why I support common sense regulation here. I love this country. I want it to flourish eternally.

  2. reinkefj says:

    As a little L libertarian, I just want everyone to be free and left alone. People can manage their own lives without any Gooferment programs to “take care of them in their old age”.

  3. lazyhaze says:

    Thinking of them as ‘ours’ might be egocentric…but nobody equated them to slaves!…it is a just a sign of respect and affection for those who made our way of life possible.

  4. reinkefj says:

    The system is fatally flawed. It needs to be disassembled and shut down like any Ponzi scheme.

    How egotistical to think of seniors as “ours”. Like slaves or children that need to be taken care of. Argh!

  5. lazyhaze says:

    The social security system needs a fix. We can’t leave our seniors behind.

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