FUN: Sir Paul @ Metlife




Concert scheduled for 8PM. Traffic getting in SOOoo bad, I assume Sir Paul delayed until 8:30. (Lot of complaints about the traffic, patterns, and drop off points.

Made it at 8:15PM.

Great seats! (Anna Marie Henno is a great seat picker.)

They make you always go up 35+ rows instead of down 2 to the floor level concessions. Argh!

Traffic from shore disaster. 1015 traffic was late saying that 33 was closed. GSP, 9, and 34 were all mess. Argh.

And despite $11 beer and $10 wine, everyone was having a great time.

I think that Metlife stadium bureaucrats need to reexamine their traffic planning.

  • Taxis and limos had to drop in the K lot 15 minute walk from the stadium.
  • Buses were only a few step closer.
  • Tailgaters had the close in lots “occupied” with each taking several spots.
  • Seems like taking the train in is the best strategy with the least walking.

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TECHNOLOGY: I just refuse to buy anything that’s “locked”

DRM: You have the right to know what you’re buying!

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Today, the EFF and a coalition of organizations and individuals asked the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to explore fair labeling rules that would require retailers to warn you when the products you buy come locked down by DRM (“Digital Rights Management” or “Digital Restrictions Management”). 

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Clearly, it’s a “devil’s bargain” to buy anything that has “DRM” on it.

At the very least, this has to be disclosed well in advance of the purchase of “crippled wares”.


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