TECHNOLOGY: Comcast service plans — worthless according to WA

Washington state sues Comcast, says it sold near-worthless service plans
Comcast defends $5-per-month service plans, will fight $100 million lawsuit.
JON BRODKIN – 8/1/2016, 1:42 PM

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Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson today announced a $100 million consumer protection lawsuit against Comcast, alleging that the nation’s biggest cable company “engag[ed] in a pattern of deceptive practices constituting more than 1.8 million individual violations of the Washington Consumer Protection Act.” Comcast’s conduct affected about 500,000 customers who purchased service protection plans in Washington, Ferguson said.

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It’s amazing that corporation would be so … … rapacious … …  as to sell basically worthless service plans.

Where’s the FCC and the other 49 states?

And Comcast can’t be the only one.

How about these “extended warranty” products? Where three years equals the cost of the product!

Makes me think that the product is so poorly built that it won’t last three years.


That’s why I advocate for chromebook for the average User. Something goes wrong, buy a new one. It’s so cheap. Of the 8 that I am aware of the only failure was from a wine spill over it. My oldest is 4 years old (I think) and has only barfed  up the OS once requiring a reload. (So now all the chromebooks I support have the rescue USB velcroed to the power cord.)

That’s what technology and technology offerings should be like — how Western Electric used to make telephone handsets. 


One can only hope

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