FUN: Sir Paul @ Metlife




Concert scheduled for 8PM. Traffic getting in SOOoo bad, I assume Sir Paul delayed until 8:30. (Lot of complaints about the traffic, patterns, and drop off points.

Made it at 8:15PM.

Great seats! (Anna Marie Henno is a great seat picker.)

They make you always go up 35+ rows instead of down 2 to the floor level concessions. Argh!

Traffic from shore disaster. 1015 traffic was late saying that 33 was closed. GSP, 9, and 34 were all mess. Argh.

And despite $11 beer and $10 wine, everyone was having a great time.

I think that Metlife stadium bureaucrats need to reexamine their traffic planning.

  • Taxis and limos had to drop in the K lot 15 minute walk from the stadium.
  • Buses were only a few step closer.
  • Tailgaters had the close in lots “occupied” with each taking several spots.
  • Seems like taking the train in is the best strategy with the least walking.

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3 thoughts on “FUN: Sir Paul @ Metlife

  1. Vote for “The Donald”….the alternative is unspeakable. I am wondering if that pic of Sir Paul is from John’s camera, or he bought it in the gift shop? If it’s from his camera, those were definitely great seats! :-)

  2. Hey! Is that Hillary on the guitar? I didn’t know she was a ROCK STAR! Sheesh… I might have to VOTE for her!

    (Unless The Donald can do a convincing Ringo on a drum set…)


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