AUG 13, 2016 @ 08:42 AM
DEA’s Hypocritical Marijuana Decision Ignores The Evidence
Emily Willingham,   CONTRIBUTOR

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Relying on the fear tactics and uninformed attitudes of a century ago, the DEA—reportedly leaning heavily on the FDA’s conclusions about cannabis—has rejected a 5-year-old petition to reclassify the drug from Schedule I, which lists drugs like heroin, to Schedule II, which includes oxycodone.

Whether or not the decision helps or harms patients in the long run remains unclear, but it certainly reflects a dangerous and hypocritical throwback attitude about cannabis that will only add to distrust of governmental oversight agencies, making their decisions look like political or moral judgments rather than being evidence based.

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The “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs” is basically dishonest.

Intellectually, legally, and morally.

How can anyone say that Marijuana has no medicinal value?

How can they ban (some) “drugs” when they had to pass Constitutional Amendment to ban and urban alcohol?

How can they deny people the freedom to put whatever they want into their own bodies?


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One thought on “GOVEROTRAGEOUS: DEA and the FDA are OTL

  1. The prison industrial complex contracts with the federal government are doing a lot to keep federal laws on marijuana where they are. A lot of money is being made by crony capitalism oligarchs.

    “How can they deny people the freedom to put whatever they want into their own bodies?”

    It’s a valid question and the best one to ask. It strikes to the root of the problem with government.

    My answer would be agents of government are just people like the rest of us and have no special rights or legitimate claim to power over what anybody but themselves do and don’t do. I’m definitely in the minority.

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