GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Florida Cops Arrest of DUI Lawyer

Florida Cops Unable to Turn Off New 360 Degree PINAC Cam During Arrest of Fair DUI Lawyer
Carlos Miller  

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Ever since PINAC’s Jeff Gray rode through a DUI checkpoint earlier this year with his drivers license hanging out the window in a Ziploc bag – along with a Fair DUI flyer from South Florida attorney Warren Redlich – the flyers have generated tons of media coverage as well as threats of arrests from tough-talking sheriffs.
But it was only until last month that the flyer got him arrested.

And we were there to capture that arrest with several cameras, including a new 360 degree camera we are now selling that was attached to the dashboard of my car, the PINACmobile, which he was driving.

Police tried their best to turn the camera off, but were unable to do so as you can see in the video below.

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They’re not going to react well to having their “criminal activities” disrupted.

“Inventory” the car, my <synonym for donkey>; that was a warrantless search.

And, how many “deputies” were deployed at the DUI checkpoint and who’s paying for their time.


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One thought on “GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Florida Cops Arrest of DUI Lawyer

  1. Obviously a self-promoting prank by PINAC to sell their cameras. The guy said he “hoped” he would get arrested…well, pull stunts like he did instead of cooperating with police and he will always and justifiably get his wish!

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