GOVEROTRAGEOUS: The Gooferment doesn’t reign in the credit reporting agencies

This man’s bank keeps telling him he’s dead
With agencies relying on automated bank reports, coming back from the dead is just as hard as it sounds
By Russell Brandom  on September 16, 2015 04:09 pm

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Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, consumers can dispute any fact in their credit report, giving agencies 30 days to confirm it or back down — but that measure was little help to Jokinen. He reported the mistake to Experian and the two other major agencies, but they simply confirmed that Chase had marked him as dead and moved on. He reported the issue to Chase, but the bank was slow to react, and as soon as one agency made the fix, another report of his death would echo back through a different channel. Ultimately, he had to appeal directly to the Social Security Agency for a “living letter,” but even that wasn’t enough to restore his credit. “I have been spending an average of seven hours each week, just keeping these mounting credit errors under control,” Jokinen told the Senate Banking Committee. “I am a living case example of how our current fair credit reporting laws still don’t work as intended.”

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How about the Congresscritters say “treble damages”?

Bet that fixes things in a heartbeat!

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