GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Vindication of Tonya Craft

You Really Cannot Make Up This Stuff: The Ordeal and Vindication of Tonya Craft
By William L. Anderson
September 8, 2015

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Accused: My Fight for Truth, Justice, & the Strength to Forgive, by Tonya Craft with Mark Dagostina, BenBella Books, 2015, 348 pages, Hardback.

To give a brief synopsis of Accused, Catoosa County, Georgia, authorities in 2008 charged Craft, then a kindergarten teacher, of 22 counts of child molestation, with the three accusing children being two daughters of former friends, along with her own daughter. Not surprisingly, she lost her job, her two children, her home, and was vilified in the local media.

Craft endured a five-week trial in April and May of 2010, and in the end, the jurors declared her not guilty. The trial itself was a farce, a spectacle that one had to follow closely to believe. The judge permitted the two prosecutors to run the proceedings and acted as a third arm of the prosecution, openly declaring his disdain for the defense. However, despite all efforts to rig the trial, the jury gave its pronouncement and the two prosecutors literally ran from the courthouse to their vehicles, one of them covering his face with a notebook. As the title of this article states, you really cannot make up this stuff.

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Wow, this is a blockbuster that I never heard about.

If half is was is asserted is true, then the judge should be impeached, the prosecutors disbarred, and the law changed.

Talk about miscarriage of justice … …

I’d be seeking damages, arrests, and jail time for all the felonies exposed.


I know “life’s not fair”, but the law should be — supposed be — maybe isn’t?

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