RANT: That hit on the referee was criminal


Two high school football players investigated for hit on referee
ReutersReuters – 16 hours ago

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(Reuters) – Two San Antonio, Texas high school football players are under investigation after they smashed into a referee during a game, according to local media.

In a play during John Jay High School’s game on Friday, one of the team’s defensive players ran into a referee’s back, sending him to the ground, where another player dove on him, according to a video posted on the San Antonio Express News website.

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It says “investigated” by the school and league.

The hell with that.

They should be arrested and criminally charged.

That was not even close to reasonable behavior.

Where was the coach or coaches not to calm their teams down?

Sounds like a black eye for all of  texas football.

This was imho criminal behavior.

What happened to “sportsmanship”?

At least, a “lifetime suspension”, discipline for the team, school, and the league. 


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