POLITICAL: The Lincoln Movie


The Lincoln Movie
by Mark Thornton

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Steven Spielberg’s epic movie Lincoln is truly a masterpiece. As an historical drama it portrays Lincoln in the final months of his life and the final months of the Civil War. More than anything, it shows Lincoln attempting – against all odds – to pass the 13th Amendment to the Constitution abolishing slavery.

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With Lincoln, of course Abraham Lincoln was president during the American Civil War, Mary Todd Lincoln was the first lady, they had sons, etc. All the supporting cast did exist including all the politicians, cabinet members, generals, etc. The 13th amendment to the Constitution banning slavery did pass, Lincoln was assassinated, and the Union did defeat the Confederacy.

It is also true that Lincoln did work to promote the passage of the 13th amendment. However, as Thomas DiLorenzo has shown, Lincoln worked for the passage of the 13th amendment in 1861 That 13th amendment would have banned the federal government from interfering with states that permitted slavery if it has been ratified. Furthermore, he shows that there is no hard evidence that Lincoln worked for the passage of the 13th amendment in 1865 which prohibited slavery in all states.

As you can see, the real version of events would not have made for a good movie. In fact, the real Lincoln would not make for any kind of pleasant movie. He was a loser politician married to a crazy woman, who unexpectedly found success because the nation splintered into four political parties, handing him the election.

Lincoln was famous for telling people what they wanted to hear. He would often claim to support one position on an issue to one group of people and claim to support the opposite position to another group of people. He was the classic flip-flopper often supporting numerous positions on an issue over his political career. No good material for a movie here.

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Wow, who would have thought a politician is a flip flopper telling people what they want to hear?

Lincoln is far and away on the top of my worst President list. No one in the second tier is even close.

He was the ultimate crony capitalist as a “railroad lawyer”.

I find it bemusing that the Black Community reveres him. 

Not that I’m a proponent of slavery, Jim Crow, or racism, but he was the opposite of their image.

Toss in on top that the rest of the world was able to eliminate slavery without a war. Slavery was uneconomic and, ten more so, when the mechanization of America. Human labor is too valuable to waste in slavery. (Ever try and get a human to do something that they don’t want to do? As children, we learn at an early age that no one can make us do ANYTHING ever. Even poop!)


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