MONEY: Thinking about employer 401Ks and IRAs versus retirement savings

An interesting article. My gripe with 401ks has always been the investment options and fees are “unacceptable”. Especially when you consider the real inflation rate.

I know I am a gold bug. But with the FED printing money and the subterfuge of them buying their own bonds, I think we are at risk of an even higher inflation. I remember the Cater inflation. And, I am not buying that the interest rate is zero.

I think an interesting facet is that the price of gas, which goes into every product indirectly, has actually decline in price since 1968. (Ron Paul said it best: “Three silver dimes bought a gallon of gas in the Sixties; today, those same three silver dimes equate to a gallon and half.”)

As a poor retiree, inflation is my concern. (If it evokes more sympathy, I’m also an orphan.) I realize that I probably personally have a lot to worry about. It’s really just me. But for posterity, this stinks. Hence my obsession on commodity bullion.

And, it is a way of avoiding the estate taxes.


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