FUN: Swift gets the last laugh

Horace Mann School for the Deaf in Allston gets a personal gift from Taylor Swift

The local public school made national news in August when internet trolls on 4chan and Reddit began nominating Horace Mann to win a Papa John’s and Chegg-sponsored contest that would send pop singer Taylor Swift to perform at the school with the …


You have to admit that the inet trolls have a sense of humor!

That’s “my” girl. She’ to savvy. (Or her marketing team is?) To let this “challenge” go unanswered.

I’d still suggest that she do the concert. What better way to insure she’s “america’s sweetheart”.

I wouldn’t make a big deal of it. Maybe a “surprise one” like the one at Auburn.

And it’s is close to Conor?


(What do you want from a fat old white guy injineer with no life?)

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