INTERESTING: Couple sues game show

Couple sues Fox game show after losing $580,000 ‘despite answering question correctly’
By Hugo Gye
PUBLISHED: 00:44 EST, 25 September 2012 | UPDATED: 05:31 EST, 25 September 2012

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A couple who appeared on a short-lived Fox game show are suing the producers two years later, claiming that they were denied more than half a million dollars despite answering a crucial question correctly.

Andrew and Patricia Murray, who are both airline pilots, were contestants on Million Dollar Money Drop in December 2010.

They now claim the question which lost them the chance to win $580,000 was incorrect and was ultimately a ‘trick question’, according to TMZ.

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Entertaining when they blow it. 

Interesting if they recover.

Is there an insurance company behind the lawsuit?

Did they have a hand in the staging of questions that would keep the payoffs low?

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One Response to INTERESTING: Couple sues game show

  1. Interesting. The full story reveals that 123456 beat out “password” in a particular analysis of passwords used for a rock radio station contest. The couple argues they might have chosen 123456 if they’d known the source of the analysis. Not totally unreasonable: I think password IS the most general password used for primary accounts, but I’d guess lots of people use 123456 as a secondary password for “public signing in” all over the net (thinking that they’re “protecting” their main *secret* password of “password.”

    A weak claim but they’ve got at least a small shot at it. They’re probably hoping for a settlement and the lawyer probably took it on a 50/50 contingency.

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