INTERESTING: Re-release just repeats the lie

Remembering James Cameron’s Titanic Inaccuracy 
by Rev. Austin Miles

*** begin quote ***

To kill a man’s good name, to deliberately slander and libel a fine gentleman officer, a heroic one at that, who saved others at the cost of his own life is unthinkable.

Cameron is too talented a filmmaker to resort this this kind of sensationalism at the expense of good people and their families. He does not need this kind of exploitation to put punch in his films.

So how did Cameron and the studio make amends for slaughtering the reputation of a beloved family member? Why they donated 5,000 pounds to the Lt. Murdoch Memorial Fund which of course, made everything right.

*** end quote ***


At least they could have led with a disclaimer.

But, Hollywood has no morals or ethics. It’s whatever sells tickets.

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