TECHNOLOGY: WiFi cell phones?

Wi-Fi Waves Coming Soon
Submitted by Jessica on Fri, 04/13/2012 – 8:08am

*** begin quote ***

Why are we taking this approach? Hundreds of thousands of you have voted with your keyboards to start using the power of the Internet with Hybrid Calling. Organizing the next round of beta in waves will allow us to serve more of you sooner. You’ll have plenty of advance notice of when you’ll be invited to join. It also allows us to reward those who’ve been waiting the longest, by letting them in as quickly as possible.

*** and ***

I also mentioned new phones. I’m pretty sure you want to know about those, too. We’re not ready to announce them yet, but I can tell you we’re all stoked about what’s coming your way. We’re also working on the updates Brian mentioned—the handover between Wi-Fi and cellular and a way to save money on your cell bill before you even switch to republic. Keep an eye out for more details on these coming up.

*** end quote ***


Maybe a winner.

We’ll see.

I’m on the beta maybe list.

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