RANT: Charity gets you slack in my thinking


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Hillary Rosen, please stop talking. Attacking a candidates spouse because she stayed home with her family is wrong. Mrs. Romney seems like a good person regardless of her husbands lack of inability to articulate his true position on any policy issue.

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‎”Liberal” “Feminists” are nether tolerant, not champions of all women. All we have to do is look to Africa and Asia and see what happens when you don’t value half the population for what they do every day.

I’m not a Romney fan, but anyone, who gives that much to charity, gets a lot of slack. (Personally, Joe Biden’s $381 for a self-proclaimed Catholic just sends me into orbit.) By their works, you shall know them.

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I agree. They both seem like nice people, good parents and seem to be happy. I may disagree with them politically but as people I respect them and I certainly admire his business acumen. As for Biden, The idea that the Church gets any of his money saddens me. there has to be a better charity to give to then one who practices misogyny and whose titular head lives in the dark ages. Of course that is just IMHO.

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Hmmm, “Dark Ages”, isn’t that “harsh”. For all the good works that Holy Mother Church does. As far as “misogyny”, I’m just a fat old white guy injineer and don’t do good with them big wurds. When I criticize, I try to remember: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. In Biden’s case, even Jesus got lost his kool and physical with the money changers. When you put yourself forward as an exemplar, you’re fair game for critique. I, otoh <on the other hand> — that was my de-jargon-izer kicking in automagically — don’t pretend to exemplify anything. Except I’m proud of my humility. There’s so much I have to be humble about.

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Makes a good blog post. Or would you call it filler?

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