TINFOILHAT: Dark Complected Man maybe stopping JFK at the precise spot



JFK Umbrella Man – More Doubts
by Russ Baker

*** begin quote ***

Dark Complected Man (DCM), like Umbrella Man, was on the Grassy Knoll, and, like Umbrella Man, appears to reasonable observers to have been signaling. At the precise moment that JFK’s car passed, as Umbrella Man opened and pumped his umbrella repeatedly, Dark Complected Man shot his fist up into the air. To some, DCM seemed to be calling for a halt to the presidential limo, which did in fact either come to a complete halt or slowed down to a crawl.

It’s not just their actions at the moment that Kennedy’s head is blown apart. It’s how they behave afterwards.

Instead of reacting with horror and springing into action, these two purported strangers sit down together, on the curb, and calmly survey the chaos. In their icy nonchalance, they exhibit an almost professional detachment.

*** end quote ***

Shooting is precision. Hitting a moving target is infinitely harder that a stationary one. Stopping the convoy in the correct spot where the range is precisely known would be critical.

Still think it was one guy with a junky gun on an angle with an unknown distance and weather?

I don’t.

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2 thoughts on “TINFOILHAT: Dark Complected Man maybe stopping JFK at the precise spot

  1. NO. To both points.

    What’s YOUR explanation for Umbrella Man and Dark Complicated Man? Did you even KNOW that such a “problem” existed?

    If a cabal assassinated JFK, what could be more important to find out? At anytime in our history.

  2. Extremely circumstantial isn’t it? We should just let this rest, otherwise it consumes too much energy that could be expended elsewhere.

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