SERVICE: BIZNAR search doesn’t pass the MC test


Dear Ms. Toni:

Just an observation, …

… from a fat old white guy injineer who does IT consulting, and an alumni newsletter

I look for news about Manhattan College and its alumni.

On Google, my search is <<“manhattan college” -marymount -“marymount manhattan college” -“borough of manhattan college” -marymount>>.

I always try all free search services for adherence to what I call the Google, or “Manhattan College”, standard. (Those that work get my continued “business”. Lucky them!)

What happens when I search using <<“manhattan college”>>?

Using Google, I get good results. (OK, sometimes false positives come out like <<manhattan. College>> or <<manhattan, college>>. And, I’ve “suggested” to Google that needs fixing. No response. It’s been a flaw for a while. Guess I should suggest again.)

Using your new engine, <<“manhattan college”>> returns results as if it was <<“manhattan”+”college”>>. (It took Legacy dot com a while to fix it and it’s broken it a few times.)

Any chance, this can be fixed?

Till it is, I can’t use it because it returns too many false positives.

Now I realize that I’m just a “free rider”. I have no budget for services. But maybe my “testing” is useful?


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SERVICE: Data rot example; wrong!

Manhattan College

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ROFL, calling a Brother “Mister”, I know that at the Prep that would result in some immediate “behavior modification”.

And, they still have Brother S as President.

That’s hugely out of date.

Everything on the inet is trustworthy!

Inspires confidence in everything else you find.

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