RANT: Shame on ESPN


ESPN reporter explains why Fine tape wasn’t released in 2002

Published: 5:14 pm

Updated: 5:17 pm

*** begin quote ***

Syracuse (CNN/WSYR-TV) – Bobby Davis, an alleged molestation victim of Bernie Fine, recorded a phone call with the coach’s wife in 2002, according to ESPN.

*** and ***

SPN’s Mark Schwarz explained in an interview on CNN why the tapes were not made public back then.

*** and ***

“We did not go to authorities with the tape.”

*** end quote ***

Well shame on you and your organization.

I would hope that if I had such a tape, I’d have the courage and fortitude to bring it to the proper authorities. And I’d go with a reporter and a recording crew. (Supposedly you guys have those.) And, let the “proper authority” explain to the camera why nothing could be done. Argh! We’ve become a nation of sheep. You could have take that crew from the office of the “proper authority” over to SU and gone door to door asking for a comment. AND put their “no comments” on Sports Center every half hour.

Sports is treasured because it’s supposed to build character. You’ve demonstrated that’s a flawed view. It’s done nothing for you and your organization.

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