GOVEROTRAGEOUS: The FDA is an absurd regulator

News Alert
from The Wall Street Journal

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The Food and Drug Administration said it was removing the approval of Roche’s drug Avastin as a breast-cancer treatment.

The agency said that there was no proof that Avastin was effective against breast cancer and that the drug carried a risk of bleeding and heart failure.

Avastin remains approved as a treatment for certain types of colon, lung, kidney and brain cancer.

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The FDA should be reduced to an “advisory” role.

If a court wants an opinion, then the FDA should be a finder of scientific fact. It could “vend” opinions to courts and any citizen when asked.

Sort of like a Consumers’ Reports!

For them to make the process so expensive and time-consuming is just plain dumb.

Then, after all that, they make mistakes too.

We’d be better off without them.

And, lest anyone forget, remember that they are the poster child — along with the SEC — for “regulatory capture” (i.e., those regulated rule the regulators and politicians).


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