INTERESTING: Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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It seems every week, I hear of a new scandal involving a college athlete and the reason is always the same … money. For the past few months, the NCAA has been digging their claws into USC and Ohio State, two of the most storied athletic institutions there are in college sports. The consequences of these schools not playing fair have been the loss of championships and current coaching staff members and many in and out of the sport wonder if the simple solution is to pay college athletes for their performance. I vote a big, fat, NO.

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I disagree.

The Colleges get rich. The coaches get rich. The “industry” surrounding them get rich.

The players MAY get an education.

(I guess they always get an education. Getting screwed is educational.)

Some of the sports are amateur; not the “big” ones.

And, if the athlete gets a career ending injury, then they are screwed.

Would seem like there needs to be a athlete’s union!

I think they should get a percentage. It’s the American way.

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