FLASH: Another American death!


Panetta in Iraq as another US soldier killed
By Mathieu Rabechault | AFP – 7 hrs ago

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US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta arrived in Baghdad on Sunday to urge Iraqi leaders to act against Iran-backed Shiite militias, as another American soldier was killed in the south of the country.

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Donna Nobis Pacem

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TECHNOLOGY: Apple does evil?


US spooks arrest artist for tinkering with Apple Macs
It’s terrorism
08 Jul 2011 09:41 | by Nick Farrell in Rome | posted in Security

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Tinkering with Apple computers in one of its cathedrals of shallowness is now a terrorist act.

According to AP, the fruity cargo cult called in the US Secret Service after it discovered that some of the Apple Macs in its New York Store had been profaned by unauthorised software which appeared to take pictures of customers.

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  1. My little more than a year old MACBOOKAIR has as many problems as my old WINDOZE machine. And, it’s had two bare metal restores and three type 1 hardware problems.
  2. APPLE is arguably as bad as MICROSLOTH! … but with better support at the genius bar.
  3. Linux is the wild frontier. But maybe it’s better?
  4. Google’s CHROMEBOOK is an interesting take on Cloud Computing.
  5. Crony capitalism is one of the terrible feature of today’s Gooferment.

So what does one do?

Beats me.

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MONEY: Retirement? fuhgeddaboudit!


Never Say Retire
by Gary North

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I had concluded that millions of baby boomers would discover at age 65, much to their chagrin, that their plans for a comfortable retirement had been smashed by the reality of low economic growth, low returns from the stock market, their own insufficient savings programs for decades, and inflation. I figured that I might create a Website based on the theme, “never say retire.” I have not developed that site, but at least I set up a department on my Website. So, if anyone types the words “never say retire,” he is directed to my department.

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The truth about retirement. Argh! “We”, as a society, waste the first 25 years and the last 20+ years of life. “School” isn’t about reading children to take their place in the civilization creating wealth. “Retirement” isn’t about the “golden years”; they are removed from the workforce at the height of the wealth creation capability. Argh!

Retire? fuhgeddaboudit! (translation from the Brooklyn dialect: “forget about it” with a sneer.)

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