TECHNOLOGY: Apple does evil?

US spooks arrest artist for tinkering with Apple Macs
It’s terrorism
08 Jul 2011 09:41 | by Nick Farrell in Rome | posted in Security

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Tinkering with Apple computers in one of its cathedrals of shallowness is now a terrorist act.

According to AP, the fruity cargo cult called in the US Secret Service after it discovered that some of the Apple Macs in its New York Store had been profaned by unauthorised software which appeared to take pictures of customers.

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  1. My little more than a year old MACBOOKAIR has as many problems as my old WINDOZE machine. And, it’s had two bare metal restores and three type 1 hardware problems.
  2. APPLE is arguably as bad as MICROSLOTH! … but with better support at the genius bar.
  3. Linux is the wild frontier. But maybe it’s better?
  4. Google’s CHROMEBOOK is an interesting take on Cloud Computing.
  5. Crony capitalism is one of the terrible feature of today’s Gooferment.

So what does one do?

Beats me.

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