MONEY: What would happen if you …

Sunday, 24th July 2011 (by J.D. Roth)
Reader Story: Estate Planning – The First Month
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What would happen if you, your spouse, a parent, someone who you shared a financial life with died today? Not next week after the car payment is sent in. Not next month when you’ve finally gotten around to writing down all of your passwords and account numbers. Not next year when you’ve updated your will. What would happen if they died today?

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Clearly, you need an emergency fund for the year after the death of a spouse. Depending upon how into the spouse you were.

Wonder how long it takes to return to “normal”?

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TECHNOLOGY: Test identity; not for drugs–massive-benefits-fraud-from-Thailand-126005948.html

Man with nine different names created massive benefits fraud from Thailand
Dublin man jailed for social welfare fraud
By CATHAL DERVAN, Staff Writer
Published Friday, July 22, 2011, 8:04 AM

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An Irish emigrant has been jailed for orchestrating a massive social welfare fraud across the border counties – while living it up in Thailand.

Paul Murray swindled the Irish taxpayer out of half a million dollars using nine different names in an elaborate international hoax.

The 63-year-old emigrated to Thailand in the 1970s but returned home every three months to collect his fraudulent social welfare payments.

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The gang known as the State of Florida wants to test welfare recipients for illegal drugs.

Here’s an idea. DNA test all welfare recipients to establish identity.

Here’s another. Eliminate the dole. Period.

The Gooferment: Immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. In example after example.

Let’s use technology to solve problems?

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