POLITICAL: Migraines?


A president with migraines? Ask Thomas Jefferson
By Jeff Jacoby
Globe Columnist / July 24, 2011

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So is it news that a would-be president once complained of migraine attacks that were “paroxysms of excruciating pain’’ – headaches that “came on every day at sunrise and never left me till sunset’’? No – not unless it’s news that Thomas Jefferson, who wrote those words, suffered migraines. Ulysses Grant did, too.

I don’t know if Michele Bachmann can become the next president. But I do know this: She wouldn’t be the first one to live with migraine headaches.

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The socialist cheerleaders in the Main Street Media, aka the Lame Street Media, are as much astroturf as the pseudo anti war zealots that protested against George Bush.

It’s not about “migraines”.

It’s about nothing more than getting their guy elected!


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TECHNOLOGY: Another way to self-publish


Why and How I Self-Published a Book
Posted by James Altucher on May 22nd, 2011

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I just self-published a book. “How to Be the Luckiest Person Alive”. I published it in paperback form, kindle form, and free PDF (see directions below to get free PDF). The entire process took me three weeks. Using an established publisher would’ve taken over a year.

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I did mine with Lulu. He did his with Amazon.

Is there any doubt that the publishing industry is dead?

Borders is just the first casualty.

Content is king!

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