GOVEROTRAGEOUS: CA GUV signs tax; Amazon leaves state. Corelation?

Published: June 29, 2011
Updated: June 30, 2011 5:00 a.m.
Amazon ends deal with 25,000 California websites
Jan Norman Orange County Register

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Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law California’s tax on Internet sales through affiliate advertising which will immediately cut small-business website revenue 20% to 30%, experts say.

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Board of Equalization Member George Runner blasted Brown for signing the law. “Even as Governor Jerry Brown lifted his pen to sign this legislation, thousands of affiliates across California were losing their jobs. The so-called ‘Amazon tax’ is truly a lose-lose proposition for California. Not only won’t we see the promised revenues, we’ll actually lose income tax revenue as affiliates move to other states.”

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Nah, how could there be. Aren’t “We, The Sheeple” stupid?

Like when MD taxed “millionaires” and the next year there were ⅓ less millionaires around to be taxed.

Now you might say “counterproductive”. I’d say “educational”.

Like stereotypical drug addicts, politicians are addicted to “spending other people’s money”. They feather their nests admirably during their time as “public servants”. Do you feel “serviced”? Like the stallion put out to stud and the taxpayers the mare getting <past tense synonym for the act of procreation>!

Now, think about the crooks in DC, who need trillions, and lo and behold what does their wandering doth see? But all your IRAs and 401Ks just ripe for the plucking. (Or are we back to the stallion and the mare again?) All they have to do is pass a diktat and strong arm about 2200 “custodians”.

With that be the last straw?

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ADMINISTRIVIA: Join us in New Brunswick

Today would have been Frau Reinke’s 64th birthday. (Last year, I gave her 63 baby pink roses. Who of guess it would be the last birthday.) We’re celebrating with a blood drive. Her neice in law had a great idea. Can’t help Frau Reinke, so we’ll help others. Hope you’ll join us. If not in New Brunswick New Jersey, then where ever you are. Summer time holiday weekends are the worst for donations. And, if you need it, you’re depending upon the kindness of strangers. As she did 175 times. It’s truly the gift of life.

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ADMINISTRIVIA: Give blood today!

Blood Drive
in Memory of Evlynn Reinke,
July 1, 2011 (her birthday)

The Blood Drive will be held at Midco Waste – 5 Industrial Drive- New Brunswick, NJ 08901 Hours – 12:00 to 6:00 Please call to sign up- 732-565-5880. Prize drawing for attendees.

In her last year, Ev was given more than 125 pints of blood an 75 bags of platelets. There was never even a hint that they wouldn’t be made available. Although they often came from strange places. Let’s pay those donations forward so some one else has a change. It’s truly the gift of life. If you can’t get to New Brunswick, then give in her name locally.

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