SERVICE: “The Cloud” is undependable

Vol. 1, #79 – Jul 26, 2011 – Issue #489
Burned by the Cloud

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Well, it turns out a company doesn’t even have to fail for you to suddenly lose everything you entrusted to it. This week ZDNet blogger Ed Bott tweeted the URL to the story of a former enthusiastic Google advocate and evangelist who, for reasons unknown to him, one day woke up to find his Google account shut down. The post is a long one, but the gist of it was that he had gone “all in” with Google because he considered it a trustworthy company: he consolidated all his mail to one Gmail account, had all his photos, voice mail, Google Reader articles, contacts, docs and calendar on Google services. He lost saved maps, travel history, medical records and a blogger account. You can read the whole sad tale here:

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The “cloud” can leave one high and dry.

I’ll be going back over my SOPs for exposure.

I’m not a cloud fan already because one can NOT always have access to the inet. Even if you’ve bought and paid for it. The ISP have no duty to supply service. Forget what they say in the ads. If you have it great; if not, too bad.

This just reinforces the concern over the availability issues.

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