MONEY: A Marshall Plan; the USA is broke

A Marshall Plan is not what the EU needs

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A column in the Guardian calls for a new Marshall Plan to save the EU, but unfortunately the EU’s dominated by leaders who believe in unconstrained free market capitalism, according to Mark Mazower. That’s a load of twaddle.

The EU’s problem right now is that EU enthusiasts ran too far out in front of the citizens of the various nations. They pushed for an integrated EU that required a lot more solidarity and a lot less nationalism than the people of the EU were ready for. Unfortunately they ended up with a fudge – a unified currency stretched over loosely unified national economies. It’s stuck in between integration and a loose confederation, which is a disaster.

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Seems like it also overlooks that the entropy of large states is crashing. The USSR is a classic example. Shattered to bits and parts by an unsustainable economic model. The USA may be going the same way. That is the 80 year experiment with the FED’s fiat currency may be concluding with disastrous effects. You can NOT trust politicians and bureaucrats to restrain their base human emotions to give the mob bread and circuses to stay in office. Looting the public treasury by crony capitalism while expecting the world to pay for it in the hidden tax of inflation. Sadly, it’s those who trust in the value of a dollar, or a euro, that are going to pay the price. The Rich, like roaches, always survive; it’s the Poor that get hurt. Argh! What fools these mortals be. There’s a reason that gold has always been money; it keeps the politicians honest.

Besides “no entangling alliances” seem still to be good advice.

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