NETWORK: Wifi ain’t as simple as everyone thinks?

Apple needs to work on its networking software. I know they really want to be an appliance and that Users s don’t need to bother with the details. BUTT (there’s always a big but):

• At RWJUH, the IPAD can not connect to the wifi, but the MACBOOKAIR can.

• At SPUH, the IPAD can connect to the wifi, but the MACBOOKAIR can not.

Also, at SPUH, they have blocked email.

Also, at RWJUH, they have an “entertaining” wifi implementation by HP (which I’d be embarrassed to have my brand associated with) which requires some mickey mouse authentication (that’s what trips up the IPAD) and disconnects randomly. (In the process of which causes both FIREFOX36, GOOGLECHROME, and SAFARI to lose their place in the browser session. (ARGH!)

And, of course, in the ultimate insult to the mundane User, there’s no way to bring these to anyone’s attention. (Argh!)

So why do they bother? An “accomplishment” on someone’s annual appraisal?

Doesn’t inspire confidence in the hospital’s brand.

(My personal test is how clean are the rest rooms — although you can not rest there? Both hospitals seem to do well by that standard.)

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