INTERESTING: Advice for College Graduates

Stock Market Investing Advice for College Graduates by Jim Wang

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Imagine you had a time machine and could give yourself just one good piece of advice after you graduated college, what would it be?

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Eliminate debt. Save more. Go to Law School with the rest of the team. Buy commodities. Move to the country.

“Souldas, wouldas, and couldas”

They will kill you!

Now, my advice would be: “Be an entrepreneur”!

When I was a recent graduate, I was enthralled by Sonny Bloc on the radio. His advice was to buy, and rent out, 12 single family homes within one hour of your primary residence. I understood the objective a secure monthly income. His theory was that after 15 or 30 years of rental income, the rents would then be free and clear. A pension!

In the wisdom of my youth, I saw all the obstacles — downpayments, 3AM calls from angry renters, and hassles. The target thirty years down the road was so far away. I didn’t do it! If I had, I’d be sitting on 12 300k$ “cash cows”. Say 4m$. Throwing off 12 12k$ annually. 145k$. Argh!

Now I see the wisdom of all sorts of things.

So, I’ll modify that advice: “Have a written plan to be an entrepreneur!”

Yes, hindsight is 20/20.

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