INTERESTING: The Greatest Generation wasted in The Unnecessary War

Buchanan’s Necessary Book by Laurence M. Vance

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Buchanan’s conclusion will be a tough one for some to swallow: “It was Britain that turned both European wars into world wars.”

Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War is a necessary book.

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History is written by the “winners” and taught in gooferment skools.

It wasn’t until College that I started to really get into how screwed up the world is.

I learned more history and economics from the Libertarian zealots and Social Justice faculty than most folks.

All war is fought by the common man. He’s the cannon fodder.

There’s a reason why the world’s elite eschew assassination, they might have to take some personal risk. We couldn’t have leaderless gooferments now could we?

Fifth generation war won’t observe that nicety.

Sheeple need to read this book and see how their ancestors were hustled. Then, they could avoid how they are being defrauded and abused.

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