MONEY: THe FED’s inflation in our future

False Flag Infiltrators: Gold-Hating Fiat Money Inflationists Inside the Libertarian-Conservative Movement
by Gary North

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A web page by Ellen Brown is making the rounds. It is here.

Ellen Brown is a lawyer. She is anti-Federal Reserve. So, she gets a hearing in conservative circles. This is unfortunate. There is nothing conservative about her. She is an apologist for statism and the United States Treasury (a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldman Sachs).

Her article is about the hyperinflation of Germany, 1921–23. She has no understanding of what happened or why, but she talks as if she does.

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Interesting economic discussion about inflation. I remember hearing the same in Carter’s inflation. And, I’m sure we will hear it again in Obama’s. Evil speculators drive down the value of the dollar. Dont be fooled. It’s the FED; it’s always the central bank’s printing press of money; it’s the FED!


Those that don’t learn from history are condemned … …

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