TECHNOLOGY: Lulu gives me a new ticket #; Just fix the damn problem!

I really don’t need a new number; just fix the problem? FROM MAY!!!

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Dear Lulu Customer,

In an effort to serve you better, Lulu Customer Support has implemented a new support system, and assigned you a new Case Number to replace your existing Ticket number:  LTK152020328616X. Your new Case number has a unique Reference id that must be in the subject line of your emails in order to reach us.

The new system will allow us to easily scale our support with the growth of our business and cut down on the wait times you may have previously experienced as well as giving us a more in-depth look at your individual customer history. We will continue to address all of your preexisting support issues, and you do not need to take any further action, but if you have new information to add to your ticket please respond to this email instead of replying to your previous ticket. This will ensure that we receive the relevant information and can add it to your existing support case.

Your new unique Case number is:   169405
(Replaces your existing Ticket number: LTK152020328616X )

Your unique Reference id for emails is:   [ ref:00D56zQ6.50056bK9z:ref ]
(Must be in the subject line of any emails)

Thank you,

Lulu Customer Support

[ ref:00D56zQ6.50056bK9z:ref ]

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