INTERESTING: Hamlet revenged his father too  

Man who tracked Che for CIA awarded $1 billion in lawsuit
By Luisa Yanez | Miami Herald

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In a strange twist of fate in 1963, he was contacted by the CIA to help track Guevara.

Leading a squad of three Cuban exiles into the Bolivian jungle, Villoldo helped track down Guevara for the CIA.

”There was a certain amount of satisfaction in burying the man who I felt was responsible for my father’s death, ” he said.

*** end quote ***

There’s something Shakespearian in this story. Or “Godfatherian”! (Is there such a word? From the Godfather movie. Where Michael Corleone revenges himself.)

Kill a man and you better wipe out his whole family. Eventually his son, or sones, will dance on your grave.

Force begets force.

What goes around, comes around.

Riding a pale horse?

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