LIBERTY: Government Motors is a demarcation

Obama to Government Motors: ‘Let’s Roll’
by Karen De Coster

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As the Chrysler resuscitation continues and GM morphs into Government Motors, we can expect that the government will prepare to churn out its environmentally correct greenmobiles that the market has rejected over and over again. Freedom, choice, and capitalism will pay a dear price because a group of government bureaucrats, on the receiving end of political favors, will run a major sector of the US economy and foist a prescribed lifestyle upon American consumers.

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The USA of the American Revolution died during the War of Norther Aggression.

The USA was started on a road to somewhere by WW1 and WW2. The Depression gave FDR the “reason” to start it on the road to socialism.

Now, we have turned to Mussolini’s fascism. The government OWNS businesses. IT ACTUALLY owns the biggest business of the nation — the banks and car makers! By regulation, it owns in fact, the railroads, the airlines, the phone, the drug makers.

What’s left?

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