LIBERTY: Glenn Beck began calling himself a “libertarian”

BTW, Glenn recently stopped calling himself a “conservative” and began calling himself a “libertarian”. (Change of network. Change of time slot. Change of label?) As a little Llibertarian, I’ll wait to hear more before I agree with the label. Just like Bob Barr (the recent big L libertarian presidential candidate, it takes more than a miracle on the proverbial road to Damascus to make one a real libertarian. Zero Aggression Principle? MYOB? Make peace; not war. (That’s not pacifism; just don’t start trouble.) Ignore people’s private decisions. Yes, it’s a LONG way from so called “conservatism” to “libertarianism”. Well, we’ll see about Glenn’s relabeling.

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2 Responses to LIBERTY: Glenn Beck began calling himself a “libertarian”

  1. reinkefj says:

    Agreed. He’s still hasn’t convinced me that he’s one. But, like most of us, maybe he’s on the journey to Libertarianism. Could be. I’m not convinced he’s a Judas Goat to mislead us, an opportunist to take advantage of the celebrity status, or just a someone traveling the road to wisdom. We shall see.

  2. freedomofusa says:

    Glenn Beck is definitely NOT a libertarian

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