GAMBLING: One way to cheat at roulette

Feds Bust Ring of Alleged Casino Cheaters By Kevin Poulsen February 11, 2009 | 6:36:30 PM

Federal prosecutors in Tacoma, Washington are charging four alleged members of a cheating ring that hit roulette tables at three Indian casinos before being arrested last November.

The men are accused of pulling a simple scam that takes advantage of the variably-colored “non-value chips” issued at roulette tables to identify different gamers’ bets. Every player at the table is assigned one of eight colors. The chips have a default value of $1 each, but a high roller who wants to bet more on each spin can ask the croupier to count his chips at a higher value, such as $25.

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Here’s one way to win at roulette. One wonders at what level of theft it could be detected? Could it be done on a “retail” level?

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3 Responses to GAMBLING: One way to cheat at roulette

  1. John F says:

    That’s just about impossible to catch. I can’t imagine them leaving this open for too long, now that the cat if out of the bag. I guess they could only issue chips with the exact dollar value, but that makes for some logistics problems with all the chips that would be required at the table. More reason for them to go to Rapid Roulette, besides the ability of that video version to speed up betting.

  2. reinkefj says:

    Buy 25$ worth of blue chips. Slip 5 i n your pocket. Come back tomorrow. Buy in for for 500$ of the 25$ chips. And ask for blue. Play a few and cash out. Slip “yesterday’s” five in. Instant 125$ profit. If the table and pit staff is dumb, you walk out richer and wiser. If not, you go to jail? Hmmm? It would work on some of the tables I have played at. The fraud is based on the chips don’t “expire”.

  3. John F says:

    I must be stupid, if so, call me so. What is the problem here? I have seen some players ask for a higher value on their chips, as is suggested here. It just means they pay more for those chips, ie $25 a chip instead of $1 in the example above, and of course they get paid 25 times more if they win. Where is the cheating? Maybe more detail is needed?

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