The United States Government’s Willful Ignorance Is Costing Soldiers’ Lives
Posted by John Bernard, 1st Sgt. USMC (ret.)
Dec 29th 2011 at 5:23 pm

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To that end, it has been my contention that this administration, the past administration and the entire upper end structure of the military machine has failed miserably. Not only have they chosen the wrong strategy to achieve a definable victory for their nation, they chose one that has been disproportionately brutal for our forces while providing cover for the enemy and the population that has proven over and over again to be untrustworthy.

History has defined and will continue to define only a miniscule number of opportunities for a theater-wide application of the precepts of Counterinsurgency Doctrine to have been efficacious. Even a casual glance at the human terrain in either Iraq or Afghanistan, with Syria and Iran to possibly follow, should have given the critical thinker everything they needed to adequately keep COIN under lock and key in the vault of terrible ideas.

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First of all, if someone can point me toward the ongoing, public record of support for America in either of these operations or the public record of Muslim denunciation of the actions of the “terrorist” or “radicalized” Muslim or Jihad as a war doctrine, Taqiyya as a deceptive practice with the intent of keeping the enemy off balance, please show me?

The clear evidence only suggests groups as defined by those who willingly strap on bombs and those who do not. Unfortunately, we know that from within the second group comes the financial and spiritual support for the first.

Suggesting you can parse these two and do harm to one while garnering support for said harm from the “moderates” simply misses the truth about religion – all religion!

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We watch the wanton destruction of human life by the forces of Islam and the associated silence from the “moderates” every day. Is it the contention of those who submit to the “two Islams” vision that we should continue to assume the best of a people whose religion is belligerent to non-believers?

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The First Sargent correctly imho distills the “problem” into the concept: “It not what we think, it’s what it is that counts.”

Their “moderates” support their “extremists”.

Any failure to recognize this fact in policy, strategy, or tactics dooms us to failure. And, failure, in this case, translates into dead human beings. Soldiers and civilians on both sides are lost due to the stupidity of our leadership. Or lack there of.

We need to get the girls and boys out of the fire zone until we figure it out.

“We, The Sheeple” learned nothing from Viet Nam.

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RANT: Why are we still in the UN?

Chair Of House Foreign Affairs Committee To UN: Recognize Palestine And We Will Defund You
Posted by Sun Tzu Sep 2nd 2011 at 2:03 pm in Congress, Israel, Middle East, United Nations

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Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) is the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and she has drawn a line in the sand for the United States. She has introduced a bill which would dramatically cut U.S. contributions to the United Nations if that body votes for Palestinian statehood next month. ”Chairman Ros-Lehtinen felt it was important to introduce the bill, which includes a title withholding U.S. funding to UN entities which upgrade the status of the Palestinian mission, in advance of the Palestinian Authority’s statehood push at the UN,” her spokesman told Foreign Policy. Democrats in the House, reports Foreign Policy, are opposed to the bill.

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Sorry, but the UN is an impotent disaster.


Look who’s on their “Human Rights” Commission.

We need to sent this to “vault of bad ideas”.

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RANT: Time to get out of the UN?

The Genocide Agenda
by L. Neil Smith

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As a necessary first step, the United States must withdraw from the UN and evict that vile organization from this country with extreme prejudice, once and for all. It has declared war, in writing, in no uncertain terms, on the Bill of Rights which sorely impedes its goals. Its declared interest in “sustainability”—merely a code word for the nightmare it would create under Agenda 21—is enough to condemn it.

All things—even bad ones—come to an end. Grease up that Colt .357 Python sculpture with its barrel tied in a knot, And then go tell those Luxembourgers to bend over, because we’re sending it back to them.

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Personally, I’ve never understood WHY we tolerate the UN?

Look at who’s on their “human rights” committee. Look at the financial corruption. Look at the difference between the Constitution and their founding documents.

Time to save a lot of money directly and indirectly. Send them home. Defund it. And, write it off as a blunder

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