POLITICAL: The O’Reilly Stewart debate; the 2012 Lincoln Douglas equivalent?


Bill O’Reilly. Jon Stewart. 2 podiums. 1 Air-Conditioned Auditorium. “O’Reilly v Stewart 2012: The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium” will be streamed live, Saturday, October 6th at 8pm ET from Lisner Auditorium at The George Washington University. O’Reilly and Stewart will take an entertaining and comedic approach to today’s pressing political issues in an attempt to find the best direction for America. “The Rumble 2012” will surely be a must-see event! If you pre-order by October 1st, you can suggest a question that Jon and Bill may answer during the debate. Pre-Order Now to be a part of the action! 

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MY question:

How can we get the girls and boys home from AfPak and Iraq? Only Ron Paul gave us a choice to get them out. With him out and basically BHO43 and Mitt have the same non-policy. The “anti-war” movement has been shown to be astroturf for the democrats. But the Taft wing of the R’s was definitely an anti war tradition. Given the blood and treasure wasted, how do “we” get out? Viet Nam, Republic of taught “We, The Sheeple” nothing!

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POLITICAL: Forwarding me a “FW: KISS Concert – Patriotic” video really knotted my shorts

On Sat, Feb 11, 2012 at 12:03 AM, LUDDITE wrote:

SUBJECT: FW: KISS Concert – Patriotic

And two inet forwards in the message:

>This was filmed in Iraq at a USO tour of a US Marine Base. If you believe in God and country, play it and spread it around.
>Just click below.
>God Bless America.

>>Well, I got tears in my eyes! Who would have thought that KISS even knew the words or music to these songs!
>>No makeup and no costumes–just straight up!! It is truly worth a few minutes of your time to watch!
>>Don’t pass this one up! Kiss’ Military Salute. Some people may think that Gene Simmons & the band “KISS” were strange
>>people, but I think Gene got it right this time!This was filmed in Iraq at a USO tour of a US Marine Base. If you believe in
>>God and country, play it and spread it around. Just click below.
>>God Bless America.

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Properly used, I’d be as big a flag waver as the next guy. BUT, (and there is always a BIG butt), since at least WW2, the politicians have USED the military as a prop. We’re getting a lot of good girls and boys killed and maimed so that “We, The Sheeple” can feel good and sing patriotic songs and pat themselves on the back. I watched the video and looked at the faces. How many of them are dead, wounded, or destroyed by PTSD now? Vets have to tin cup on TV for Wounded Warrior to try and put the pieces back together.


I guess I’ve finally grow up and like Dorthy keep looking behind the curtain. I keep seeing a crass manipulation of the booboisie.
Maybe I’m over reacting, but there’s now a big push to go to war with Iran. Ron Paul is painted as a crazy old coot because of his anti-war, anti-military adventurism, anti-foreign agression. And, we have chicken hawks running for office and pontificating on the boob tube advocating for war, who have never served a day in their lives. And whose children will never serve a day in their lives.
This video really put a knot in my shorts. I was at the AmLeg last night chatting with an 81 year old Korean War vet, and with both agreed that the politicians should be on the front line for this nonsense. And, they want women to have equal rights to come home in body bags.

We may not have the draft to scare kids, and the wars may look like video games, but they are just as deadly. And, like I say to old people about nursing homes, dying may not be the worst fate that can come about.


I feel I’m a patriot because I support the troops. I want them all home today. OK that’s not practical, tomorrow. Spike the guns and, as Ron Paul says, “catch the first thing smoking heading this way”. Or something like that.

Argh! squared!!


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The United States Government’s Willful Ignorance Is Costing Soldiers’ Lives
Posted by John Bernard, 1st Sgt. USMC (ret.)
Dec 29th 2011 at 5:23 pm

*** begin quote ***

To that end, it has been my contention that this administration, the past administration and the entire upper end structure of the military machine has failed miserably. Not only have they chosen the wrong strategy to achieve a definable victory for their nation, they chose one that has been disproportionately brutal for our forces while providing cover for the enemy and the population that has proven over and over again to be untrustworthy.

History has defined and will continue to define only a miniscule number of opportunities for a theater-wide application of the precepts of Counterinsurgency Doctrine to have been efficacious. Even a casual glance at the human terrain in either Iraq or Afghanistan, with Syria and Iran to possibly follow, should have given the critical thinker everything they needed to adequately keep COIN under lock and key in the vault of terrible ideas.

*** and ***

First of all, if someone can point me toward the ongoing, public record of support for America in either of these operations or the public record of Muslim denunciation of the actions of the “terrorist” or “radicalized” Muslim or Jihad as a war doctrine, Taqiyya as a deceptive practice with the intent of keeping the enemy off balance, please show me?

The clear evidence only suggests groups as defined by those who willingly strap on bombs and those who do not. Unfortunately, we know that from within the second group comes the financial and spiritual support for the first.

Suggesting you can parse these two and do harm to one while garnering support for said harm from the “moderates” simply misses the truth about religion – all religion!

*** and ***

We watch the wanton destruction of human life by the forces of Islam and the associated silence from the “moderates” every day. Is it the contention of those who submit to the “two Islams” vision that we should continue to assume the best of a people whose religion is belligerent to non-believers?

*** end quote ***

The First Sargent correctly imho distills the “problem” into the concept: “It not what we think, it’s what it is that counts.”

Their “moderates” support their “extremists”.

Any failure to recognize this fact in policy, strategy, or tactics dooms us to failure. And, failure, in this case, translates into dead human beings. Soldiers and civilians on both sides are lost due to the stupidity of our leadership. Or lack there of.

We need to get the girls and boys out of the fire zone until we figure it out.

“We, The Sheeple” learned nothing from Viet Nam.

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