TECHNOLOGY: Jabra65t seems to be unable to bluetooth to my Mac Book Air


I have the 65 and want to pair it to my mac. How do I do that?

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Hello, thank you for the info. The Jabra Elite 65t is optimized for use with a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Some users may have success pairing a Jabra Bluetooth device with a computer and then connecting to a softphone client such as Microsoft Teams. However, the full functionality of the Jabra device may not be available. For example, you may be able to send and receive audio, but the buttons may not work for call controls the way they would with a mobile device.

If you do pair with a computer or unsupported device, note that it must support the following:

The Hands Free (HFP) or Headset (HSP) Bluetooth profile.
The Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) Bluetooth profile.
In addition, ensure that all devices, including your Jabra device, are up to date with the latest firmware/software. When pairing your Jabra Bluetooth device, follow the same steps that you would for pairing with a mobile device. To troubleshoot challenges when connected to a computer or softphone client, try the following steps:

Check that the Bluetooth connection is active on the computer.
Remove the previous pairing and re-pair.
Reset your Jabra Bluetooth device.
Ensure that you have the latest version of the softphone client installed.
Ensure that your Jabra device is selected as the audio device on your computer and the softphone client.

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Wish had known that BEFORE I bought them!

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Hello Ferdinand, I apologize for any inconvenience. You can certainly try pairing it to the Mac like you would your smartphone, we just cannot guarantee the full performance of the headset to be available. – Jeff

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Argh!  And all the time I wasted trying. Argh!


TINFOILHAT: The FBI obstructed the investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop — Credibility Level 3. More likely than not

Biden Administration
FBI Official Accused of Shutting Down Hunter Biden Probe Was ‘Running Point’ on Key Witness
Chuck Ross • September 2, 2022 4:59 am

*** begin quote ***

A former FBI official who allegedly shut down part of the investigation into Hunter Biden was “running point” in the bureau’s dealings with a key witness in the probe, according to sources directly familiar with the matter.

The witness, Tony Bobulinski, now has concerns that the former official, Timothy Thibault, helped bury information about his dealings with the Biden family that he gave the FBI, sources told the Washington Free Beacon. Thibault retired from the FBI last week amid allegations from whistleblowers that he shut down an investigation into an avenue of “derogatory” information about Hunter Biden in October 2020. Senate Republicans began scrutinizing Thibault earlier this year over anti-Trump rhetoric he posted on social media.

It had been unclear what role Thibault played in the Biden investigation, which began in 2018. But his oversight of Bobulinski means he oversaw one of the most significant witnesses to come forward with information about the Bidens’ business links to China. The FBI interviewed Bobulinski for five hours on Oct. 23, 2020, after Bobulinski publicly disputed Joe Biden’s claim to have never discussed business with his son. Bobulinski said he met with Hunter and Joe Biden in May 2017 to discuss a multimillion-dollar deal with CEFC China Energy, a Chinese energy conglomerate with ties to Chinese military intelligence. The California-based businessman also said Joe Biden is “the big guy” referenced in cryptic emails discussing equity payments from their business deals.

“In my hour-long meeting with Joe Biden we discussed Biden family business dealings with the Chinese, with which he was plainly familiar,” Bobulinski said at a press conference before his FBI interview. Text messages show Bobulinski and Hunter Biden arranging a meeting with Joe Biden at the Beverly Hills Hilton. Emails from Biden’s abandoned laptop show extensive discussions about CEFC China Energy.

*** end quote ***

Seems “3. More likely than not” that the FBI agents obstructed any investigation into the Hunter Biden’s Laptop as evidence of foreign corruption of the Biden Administration.


MLB fan steals ball from a young girl at Nationals-As game

During the Nationals’ 7-5 win against the A’s on Thursday, a grown man in a Juan Soto jersey, intercepted a ball from a young girl — and her mom didn’t seem happy.
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I propose a new rule for baseball stadiums: “Adults are not admitted with baseball gloves. Only children under 12 may have them.”


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: 1.1 million incarcerated inmates received over over $1.3 billion in stimulus checks

More Than $1 Billion Of Covid Stimulus Checks Went To Prison Inmates
Sarah Arnold
Posted: Sep 02, 2022 8:30 PM
More Than $1 Billion Of Covid Stimulus Checks Went To Prison Inmates

*** begin quote ***

Prison inmates made out like bandits during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to internal data provided by the IRS, more than 1.1 million incarcerated inmates received stimulus checks, totaling over $1.3 billion dollars.

In a letter obtained by the Washington Examiner, Rep. Don Bacon (R-NE) said of the million incarcerated inmates, 163,000 of them were serving life sentences.

“It’s outrageous that those who inflicted pain on a family or community by committing a crime received a single dime from the government during the pandemic. If anything, the funds should have gone to the victims who would have been better served,” Bacon said.

As the country is facing dwelling inflation, the government doled out a massive amount of paychecks to people as the Biden administration refused to allow hard-working Americans make money of their own.

*** end quote ***

This ranks right up there with them sending stimulus checks to Norwegians who have never left Norway!

Another example of why the Gooferment is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. As well as untrustworthy.



Smell of Eliza Fletcher’s corpse led police to her discovery

The pungent smell of Tennessee heiress Eliza Fletcher’s decaying corpse led a police search and rescue team to discover her body, according to police documents.
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Obviously 20 years was NOT enough to rehabilitate or protect society. Argh!


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Time for the FBI to be shutdown!

Republicans ask FBI to explain interference in Hunter Biden probe
Dated: September 2, 2022 by Sharyl Attkisson

*** begin quote ***

Sens. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) say they want to know why the FBI has interfered in their investigation of Hunter Biden.

The top ranking senators have asked Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence Bradley Benavides and the FBI Intelligence Analyst in Charge of the Washington Field Office Intelligence Division, Nikki Floris, to appear for a transcribed interview to explain the agency’s involvement in the matter.

*** end quote ***

Need to start putting people on trial for “obstruction” and to shut down the FBI once and for all.



NEWJERSEY: Why are local projects a federal problem?

Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman Secures Funding for Improvements to Dunhams Corner Road
PublishedSeptember 2, 2022 at 11:15 AM
Last UpdatedSeptember 2, 2022 at 11:15 AM

*** begin quote ***

EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ – Yesterday, Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-12) visited the East Brunswick Community Arts Center to present a check for $1.6 million in federal funding for drainage improvements to Dunhams Corner Road, which borders East and South Brunswick. In attendance was East Brunswick Mayor Brad Cohen, members of the Township Council, Department Heads, and South Brunswick Mayor Charles Carley.

“As a Member of the House Appropriations Committee, I play an important role in deciding where and how the federal government spends its money,” said Watson Coleman, “It continues to be of the utmost importance that we invest in improving our infrastructure. Future generations will benefit from the forward-looking actions we take now.”

The funding will be used to add a crucial drainage system to Dunhams Corner Road, a 40-year-old road shared by both townships. The culvert that goes over Ireland Brook will also be repaired.

*** end quote ***

Why do we pay taxes to the Federal Gooferment and then have to “beg” for the money to fix our infrastructure?

Passing money from the Taxpayer to various levels of Gooferment and then between levels of Gooferment is terribly immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. As well as untrustworthy.

Some pundit quipped that each level of Gooferment takes ½ as a processing cost.

If that’s even close to correct, then it illustrates how much each dollar for a local project really costs us!



HEROIC: Donald Ray Surrett Jr. defines a hero; a vet who knew the risks

Hero Oregon Safeway worker, 66, had time to flee but took on store shooter, 20, with a PRODUCE KNIFE: Police hail Army veteran for ‘saving lives’ after he and shopper, 84, were gunned down

  • The attack saw the lives of two army vets taken after a 20-year-old gunman armed with an AR-15 stormed the Oregon store 
  • A 66-year-old Safeway employee and decorated army vet took on the wannabe mass shooter with a produce knife
  • Donald Ray Surrett Jr. could have escaped, but remained in the store. His actions likely saved the lives of several others, according to police
  • Another army vet, aged 84, also lost his life in the shooting

By Associated Press and Alex Hammer For Dailymail.Com
Published: 00:22 EDT, 30 August 2022 | Updated: 02:28 EDT, 1 September 2022

*** begin quote ***

A 66-year-old Safeway employee who took on a mass shooter with a produce knife could have escaped with his life, police said Tuesday, but instead hid and attempted to disarm the assailant – an action they said likely saved several others.

Police are now hailing Donald Ray Surrett Jr. as a hero – as it was revealed the staffer at the Bend, Oregon, store was a decorated Army veteran with more than two decades of service.

The attack saw the lives of Surrett and another army vet, aged 84, snuffed out, after a 20-year-old gunman armed with an AR-15 stormed the Central Oregon store Sunday night, before ultimately taking his own life.

*** end quote ***

Greater love hath no man then … …

In this specific case, the vet KNEW the odds were against him, but took the chance.

All I can do is just silently pray for this good man and his self-sacrifice.


Why I’ll never stop fighting the most absurd tax in Connecticut

The state of Connecticut insisted out of the blue, three years after I’d moved to Florida, that I owed them $250 in principal, interest and debt-collection fees for a vehicular property tax bill in 2017 that I had not, in fact, ever received.
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Absurd. But what do you expect from politicians and bureaucrats?


TINFOILHAT: Is the Gooferment and Big Pharma concealing the “truth” about the COVIS “vaccine”? A “possible” conspiracy theory!

Here’s how the vaccine is causing those weird “blood clots”
I had a nice chat with Jessica Rose today on her Substack article about how the vaccine is causing your blood to perform unnatural acts.
Steve Kirsch
17 hr ago (ED NOTE: 2022-08AUG-31)

*** begin quote ***

Recently, Jessica Rose published a very long, but very important Substack article, “Is the spike protein acting as a prion with regard to hemoglobin molecules? And is porphyria being induced?”

The short answer is yes, it appears so, according to everything we know.

Here’s a key paragraph from that article:

So the bottom line of all of this information is this: the virus infects the RBCs using spike protein via the CD147 receptor on red blood cells which causes hemolysis (rupture of the red blood cell). This causes the release of massive amounts of hemoglobin. Then the spike protein, due to its amyloidogenic peptides, triggers mis-folding of the hemoglobin into amyloid fibrils causing subsequent blood clots. The blood clots would be enhanced due to antibodies (Ag:Ab complexes).

These “rubbery” blood clots that are being pulled out of cadavers on a regular basis.

*** and ***

Why isn’t the NIH funding a study looking at blood parameters before/after vaccination?

It’s very telling that there isn’t a single published study anywhere in the world that looks at d-dimer, troponin, and Heinz bodies both before and after vaccination.

There’s a reason for that:

They don’t want to know. It would immediately end the vaccine program worldwide.

However, if anyone reading this is interested in doing such a study, I’ll happily fund it in a heartbeat. Use the Contact me form and be sure to check the study with the d-dimer radio button.

*** end quote ***

“Well, I’m not a <insert profession that requires a lot of study>, I have never played one on TV, and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but here are some simple thoughts.”

The essence of this particular conspiracy theory is that the powers that be don’t want to know.

So in essence this is GOVERNMENTAL / COMMERCIAL conspiracy theory.  There is a lot of money (i.e., BILLIONS) sloshing around and the motivation to tell the truth (i.e., these supposed “vaccines” are virtually untested and very dangerous to some individuals) is almost zero. If the “truth” came out, then “We, The Sheeple” may actually wake up and have a French Revolution (i.e., with trials and beheadings).

The only factoid that doesn’t move it further up the scale is that it doesn’t kill everyone. We only hear about young make athletes dropping dead long before their time with no explanation. There is also some evidence that women have period issues and that pregnant women have serious problems.  Again, random stories and factoids but no real “scientific evidence”.

So I’d rate this as: Possible

So I await more dikw (i.e., data, information, knowledge, wisdom) that will move the conspiracy theory needle up or down the scale.

“I wouldn’t believe you, if your tongue came notarized.” … attributed to Judge Marilyn Milian, but may have an earlier history.

# – # – # – # – #

1. Generally Accepted As True
2. Likely
3. More likely than not
4. Plausible
5. Possible
6. Less likely than not
7. Unlikely
8. Generally Accepted As False


Biden calls Trump ‘threat to country’ in MAGA-bash speech

President Biden repeatedly slammed Donald Trump and “MAGA Republicans” in a political primetime address named “the battle for the soul of the nation.”
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So much for unifying the country. He is just an old befuddled political hack.


TINFOILHAT: Is the US border invasion planned, and orchestrated?

Is this US border invasion? Is this planned, orchestrated? I think planned! White house says these people DON’T need vaccine proof since ‘they’re not intended to stay’, BULLSH*T, yet Djokovic CAN’T?

  • Novak Djokovic cannot enter US but these unvaccinated people can? Bringing Fentanyl too? Bringing (sic) not just COVID but other diseases, & NOT tested? NOT walking across the border? Not intending to stay?

Dr. Paul Alexander
4 hr ago

*** begin quote ***

First, Novak to the CDC Walensky and White House Susan Rice and Obama (as they run the show):

For the White House ran by Susan Rice and Obama to claim (oh so you thought Biden was running things, come on man, Biden only occupies the place physically, it is run mentally by Rice and Obama out of Obama’s DC house, call me, I will bring you up on things ha ha), to say there is a difference between Novak and the illegals walking across the border, and so one must be vaccinated (former) and the other (latter) needs no vaccine or proof, such that the virus knows the difference, then it shows how much trouble we are in. I will vote for a monkey, hell a group of monkeys, hell 100 of them and put them as the new Biden cabinet and POTUS etc. ahead of these clowns. These idiots make Trump’s daily clown car show White House blush. Beam even! Makes Trump’s ridiculous Task Force (save Giroir) look like distinguished Rhode scholars. And they were clear morons!

*** end quote ***

Using my recently documented scale for “Conspiracy Theories” I’d have to categorize this as “GOVERNMENTAL” by the Deep State and as “more likely than not”.

I am waiting for the proof to come out that proves this as true. 

It’s just too convenient.  And look who are coming across — criminal gangs, men posing as children, and convicted felons.

It’s a national disgrace that the border has not been secure and I blame BOTH parties for it.



Canadian junior hockey player Eli Palfreyman dies during tournament game

Rising Canadian junior hockey player and Ayr Centennials captain Eli Palfreyman died unexpectedly during a preseason game in Ontario on Tuesday night.
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Is this another COVID vax fatality?


VETERANS: Vets should be ripping the politicians and bureaucrats out of their offices over this.

​I was just speaking to @​S Kent Troy​ on Facebook about Heinlein’s “leave no one behind”, here’s a great example why vet ​s​can’t trust the Gooferment.

The USA Gooferment leaves everyone “high and dry”.



EVs are asked not to charge?

California Ready to Ask People to Conserve Energy, Avoid ‘Charging Electric Vehicles’

Now that is funny!


ECONOMICS: Biden buys votes with student loan forgiveness

Somebody Has to Pay for Student Loan Forgiveness
August 24, 2022 by Michael Maharrey

*** begin quote ***

President Biden is expected to announce student loan forgiveness on Wednesday (Aug. 24). The plan will reportedly cancel $10,000 in student loan debt for anybody making less than $125,000 per year.

A lot of people think this is like waving a magic wand — poof — the debt is gone. But somebody has to pay and that somebody is the American taxpayer.

Nothing the government does is free. Ultimately, student loan debt forgiveness will add to the already massive budget deficit. That means Uncle Sam will have to borrow more money that taxpayers will have to repay, either in higher taxes or the inflation tax.

*** end quote ***

And we know who all pay — the Taxpayers.

The economy will have more inflation to deal with and the moral hazards keep piling up!


POLITICAL: Politicians should only be able to take contributions from within their district

Billionaires Spend $3 Million Against Trump-Endorsed Kelly Tshibaka, Lisa Murkowski’s Opponent
Wendell Huseb 22 Aug 2022

*** begin quote ***

Billionaires from the L.I.S.A. super PAC have donated nearly $3 million against Trump-endorsed Alaskan Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka, the opponent of establishment and pro-impeachment incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK).

L.I.S.A, which reportedly stands for “Leadership in a Strong Alaska,” only backs one candidate, Murkowski. The main PAC contributors are hedge fund managers Ken Griffin, John Arnold, and Louis Bacon, who, respectively, contributed $1.5 million, $500,000, and $50,000. “James and Kathryn Murdoch, the politically moderate heirs to the Murdoch media empire, have each given $250,000,” Forbes reported:

*** end quote ***

I heard, on one of the many podcasts that I listen to, the idea that politicians should only be able to take campaign contributions from folks who can vote for them.

I like that idea.

Every politician should be required to post where their money comes from.

Maybe jackets like NASCAR?


LIBERTARIAN: Misconduct by the FBI and its informants lead to entrapment of two fools

Two Michigan Men Convicted of Conspiracy to Kidnap Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

  • The suspects in the kidnapping plot claim the FBI set them up.

Posted by Mary Chastain Tuesday, August 23, 2022 at 01:00pm

*** begin quote ***

The entrapment accusation came out in July 2021 by BuzzFeed of all places. The outlet reviewed the evidence and found out that at least 12 of the FBI confidential informants had a larger role in the plot:

*** and ***

Julie Kelly had a great thread:

*Limited cross examin by defense (for 1st time he said, also extremely rare in criminal cases) of 2 cooperating witnesses allegedly part of the conspiracy

*Repeatedly scolded defense in front of jury; accused defense of wasting time over “crap” questioning

*Gave unwieldy…

— Julie Kelly 🇺🇸 (@julie_kelly2) August 23, 2022

Judge Jonker, a GWB appointee, handled this trial far differently than the first.

You’re telling me a jury didn’t convict on a SINGLE COUNT in first trial with 2 more defendants but returned all guilty in less than half the time with 2 fewer defendants?

Jonker got the message.

— Julie Kelly 🇺🇸 (@julie_kelly2) August 23, 2022

*** end quote ***

I hope there’s an appeal.  I’d contribute to a defense fund.

Yes, they were stupid bozos but the FBI did the entrapment.


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Any diplomat who uses “immunity” should be immediately declared PNG by the US State Depatment

UN diplomat dodges NYC rape rap thanks to diplomatic immunity: cops
8/22/2022, 5:05:31 PM · by thegagline · 28 replies
The New York Post ^ | 08/22/2022 | Tina Moore, Amanda Woods, Kyle Schnitzer

*** begin quote ***

A United Nations diplomat from Africa was accused of raping one of his neighbors in Upper Manhattan over the weekend — but NYPD cops released him because he has diplomatic immunity, authorities said Monday. Charles Dickens Imene Oliha, 46 — a career diplomat for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in South Sudan — was arrested in Sunday’s alleged sex assault on a woman inside her apartment around noon, according to a police report obtained by The Post. Oliha was taken into custody on suspicion of rape and brought in for questioning, cops said. But once he informed…

*** end quote ***

Seems simple enough.

Too many parking tickets — PNG!

Too many complaints — PNG!

A rape complaint — PNG!

Person Non Grata

Use it more often and “diplomats” will behave like civilized human beings.

And, in a spirit of reciprocity, if the USA’s “diplomats” misbehave, then if they can’t be fired, reassign them to Sitka Alaska.  (Where I am told there’s a woman behind every tree!)



GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Gooferment, two weeks;YouTube divers, 1 day

These YouTube divers did in one day what cops couldn’t do in two weeks in Kiely Rodni search
By Lee Brown
August 22, 2022 10:49am Updated

*** begin quote ***

They’re the deep-diving YouTubers who claim to have found missing California teen Kiely Rodni in less than a full day of looking — even after authorities spent nearly 20,000 man-hours failing to find her.

Adventures With Purpose started searching Prosser Creek Reservoir on Sunday — and within hours found what they believe is the 16-year-old’s 2013 Honda CRV with a body inside.

“WE JUST FOUND KIELY RODNI,” the volunteer group claimed on Facebook, ahead of local authorities confirming that the body was indeed the teen who went missing after a nearby graduation party on Aug. 6.

*** end quote ***

The various agencies of Gooferment bragged about how much effort they put into the search.  Only to “eat crow” when private citizens found her in less than a day.

I guess it all depends upon your motivation, tools, and training.

Like Uvalde, “who would build the roads” argument, but in this case it’s “who will find the bodies”!


GUNS: 70-year-old Asian woman beaten by young thugs needs justice

Police confirm gang made up of an 11-YEAR-OLD boy as well as teens aged 13, 14, and 18 brutally beat and robbed Asian woman, 70, in San Francisco

  • Horrifying video shows a 70-year-old Asian woman being beaten and kicked in the head at her apartment complex in broad daylight by group of teen thugs
  • It has been revealed an 11-year-old was involved in the assault together with a group of teenagers aged 13, 14 and 18-years-old 
  • Surveillance footage shows the San Francisco woman being attacked by four juveniles at her apartment complex earlier this month 
  • Mrs. Ren was approached by the teenagers and asked what time it was when she was attacked
  • The juveniles began to punch and stomp on the elderly woman when she attempted to flee and refused to give up her iPhone

By Vanessa Serna and James Gordon For
Published: 20:52 EDT, 21 August 2022 | Updated: 23:56 EDT, 21 August 2022

*** begin quote ***

Police have confirmed an 11-year-old was involved in the brutal beating and robbery of a 70-year-old woman in San Francisco earlier this month.

Horrific video footage shows a 70-year-old Asian woman being attacked by a group of juveniles in broad daylight.

It has now been revealed how together with the 11-year-old, a group of teenagers aged 13, 14 and 18-years-old also participated in the attack.

*** end quote ***

“God made men and women; Sam colt made them equal.” — Unknown

If this woman was armed and trained, then she should have been able to resist the muggers.

Despite most of their ages, she should have ended the attack by giving them “their shots” that they so richly deserve.

They may be young, but they are “feral animals” that should be put down.

Sad to say, but they deserve no mercy.


TINFOILHAT: an email exchange about Conspiracy Theories and my Taxonomy and Ruler

On Sat, Aug 20, 2022 at 10:26 AM {REDACTED} wrote:

As a matter of curiosity, FJohn, have you kept a count over the years of how many predictions by conspiracy “exposers” have ever actually turned out to be accurate? On a percentage basis, maybe? 


“…le philosophe n’a jamais tué de prêtres et le prêtre a tué beaucoup de philosophes…”
                                        ― Denis Diderot

# – # – # – # – #

No, I haven’t.  But, it is IMHO surprisingly high.  For example, I blog under the heading of “tin foil hat” all the ones I hear about.  For example, TWA flight 800 was probably shot down by a Navy frigate by accident.  It was covered up by the Navy and the various Gooferment agencies.  Of course, it was dismissed as “yet another conspiracy theory”.  Just recently, after some number of years, credible testimony comes out that it was the Navy.  Now, of course, no one will formally admit that it was.  I guess too many lawsuits by the families and all the “tin foil hats” that were intimidated and disparaged.  Here’s a screen shot of the many blog postings I ranted about. 

Now granted that is just one example, but there are many many others.  That’s why a lot (half?) the country doesn’t believe the Gooferment, politicians,  bureaucrats, the media, or “celebrities’.  “I wouldn’t believe you, if your tongue came notarized.” … attributed to Judge Marilyn Milian, but may have an earlier history. 

Sorry, but I’ve been red pilled for a while.  For me, it started with the JFK assassination.  I was never a “gun nut” but was always interested in them.  When I heard what Oswald allegedly used as a rife, the distance, and angle, I began to suspect that this whole store was “barbara streisand” (i.e., BS; bull <synonym for excrement>).  I also took note of a Dorthy Killgalan’s murder; she was hot on the trail of the story of JFK’s assasination.

If you think it would be “interesting” or useful, I could begin to create an itemized list.  I did start to develop a taxonomy or scale for a Conspiracy Theory meter.  So, for example, I’d categorize TWA 800 as “Governmental (Conspiracy Theory)” and set the dial from “plausible” to “more likely than not”.  I’m just waiting for the chance to move it to “proven” when the Gooferment formally admits its actions. 

Maybe if DJT45 becomes DJT47, it could happen.  But I’m not holding my breath. 

This is probably more than you wanted to know, but I’ll make a good blog post.
Laugh!Crazy Old Ferd

# – # – # – # – #

Screen Shot 2022 08 20 at 11 00 23 AM

# – # – # – # – #

*** begin quote ***

The terms “red pill” and “blue pill” refer to a choice between the willingness to learn a potentially unsettling or life-changing truth by taking the red pill or remaining in contented ignorance with the blue pill. The terms refer to a scene in the 1999 film The Matrix.

*** end quote ***

# – # – # – # – #

*** begin quote ***

Clearly, like all “good” Conspiracy Theories, it has some plausibility.  Money, motive, opportunity … …. and best of all it has “that’s just crazy” defense.  

I’ll have to dig out my “conspiracy theory” ruler to measure how to label this.

Remember my 2010 taxonomy on conspiracy theory: (1) Government; (2) Political; (3) Historical; and (4) Miscellaneous. S0 I may have to add a “Commercial” category. Can’t find my conspiracy theory ruler.  Guess I’ll have to reinvent it. Argh!  The scale would go from “Generally Accepted As True” all the way to “Generally Accepted As False” with “tab stops” at “unlikely”, “plausible”, “possible”, “less likely than not”, “more likely than not”.  

I welcome input on my scale.For this one, I’d assign it a label of “plausible”.  I take no opinions but would like to see evidence (i.e., a Pfizer email; a check to the parties involved).  Rumors and innuendo can move it on the scale.

*** end quote ***

# – # – # – # – #

Conspiracy Theory Taxonomy and Ruler

* Governmental
* Political
* Historical
* Commercial
* Miscellaneous

Conspiracy Theory Taxonomy Ruler

1. Generally Accepted As True
2. Unlikely
3. Plausible
4. Possible
5. More likely than not
6. Less likely than not
7. Generally Accepted As False

# – # – # – # – #


POLICY: Has the American Revolution / Experiment crashed?

How, When, Do We Come Together Again?
Pat Buchanan • August 16, 2022

*** begin quote ***

Nor is it only clashing morality that divides us.

For a nation, a country, a people, a democracy to endure, there needs be a broad consensus of belief, culture, custom and politics.

On the issue of law and order, without which a republic cannot stand, there is now disagreement over the role and conduct of our police.

*** and ***

Has the great experiment run its course?

*** end quote ***

Yes, inho


Not sure it has “run its course yet”, but it surely can be seen on the horizon. Too bad, since it could have worked great indefinitely, I wonder what analysts will say at the end about what could have been done to keep it from failing?

True. I point to the killing of the black churches and families with LBJ’s “Great Society” welfare rules. It created 4 generations of welfare farmers.

# – # – # – # – #

Upon reflection, Brion McClanahan points to the “Civil War” aka “The War of Northern Aggression” as the transformation from A Federal Republic to a monolithic “identify nation”.  Hard to argue with him.  (His credentials are vastly superior to mine.) The downward spiral certainly started there and just kept sliding at an accelerating pace.  Destroyed the churches.  Destroyed the civil society.  Destroyed the mutual aid societies. 



INSPIRATIONAL: Shannon Bream overcomes obstacles to host Fox News Sunday

Shannon Bream fired from first job by ‘man who said I was worst person he’d seen on TV’
By Ariel Zilber
August 15, 2022 10:48am Updated

*** begin quote ***

Shannon Bream, who has been tapped by the Fox News Channel to moderate its flagship Sunday morning political talk show, said that she was fired from her first job in television by a man “who told me I was the worst person he’d ever seen on TV.”

*** and ***

There is always room for improvement, and believe me I needed it.”

Bream, a devout Christian and graduate of the evangelical Liberty University, tweeted: “I got a healthy serving of humility, and learned that God often allows us to walk through valleys – for our own good.”

“That was also true when I spent years in chronic pain and was ultimately diagnosed with a genetic condition that has no cure.”

In 2018, Bream revealed that she suffers from excruciating eye pain caused by epithelial basement membrane dystrophy, which is an incurable genetic disorder of the eye.

The painful condition causes the surface cells of the eye to adhere to the eyelids.

Bream says that her career obstacles and health challenges have only served to better her.

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I think this says volumes about this woman’s achievements


VETERANS: Let’s poll the KIAs and the MIAs about the draft!

(POLL) Most Americans still oppose the military draft
Despite the recruitment efforts by the U.S. military, fewer than one-in-four Americans are in favor of a military draft. This is according to the latest Rasmussen Reports. The survey found that 23% of American adults think the United States should have a military draft. Sixty-one percent (61%) see no need for a draft and 14%

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(POLL) Most Americans still oppose the military draft
Dated: August 14, 2022 by Sharyl Attkisson 
Emmy-Award Winning Investigative Journalist, New York Times Best Selling Author, Host of Sinclair’s Full Measure

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Despite the recruitment efforts by the U.S. military, fewer than one-in-four Americans are in favor of a military draft.

This is according to the latest Rasmussen Reports.

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I’d be interested what veterans think.  Of course, they can’t poll the KIAs and MIAs.  

Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die. — Herbert Hoover

I can’t imagine that ANY vet would want a draftee in the foxhole with them.

I still don’t understand women in the military.  In Israel, where ere is no front line or safe rear area, I understand that everyone fights. (Reminds me of Heinlein’s Starship Troopers, there is a line that goes something like “everyone drops (parachutes) in and everybody fights”.  

That being said, the only reason for the draft’s continued existence is it provides a Gooferment paycheck to an entrenched bureaucracy. Charles Rangel (imho a stopped clock) every session introduced legislation to end the draft. I always agreed with him on that. (Didn’t the Fourteenth Amendment eliminate slavery?)




HARDWARE: Put EPSON on my “never purchase” list

Bricked Epson Printers Make a Strong Case For User Repairability

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Epson has gained some scrutiny in recent weeks after the company disabled a printer that was otherwise working fine, leading to accusations of planned obsolescence. Epson knows its printers will stop working without simple maintenance at a predictable point in the future, and it knows that it won’t be cost-effective for many owners to send their home printers in for service. So why not build them to be user serviceable in the first place? The Verge:

The inciting post from @marktavern mentions that his wife was unable to use her “very expensive Epson printer” after an end-of-service error message appeared. This isn’t anything new for Epson printers, sadly. Reports going back several years mention an infamous error message that reads “parts inside the printer have reached the end of their service life.” Epson confirmed to The Verge that the error is related to the printer’s ink pads, which had likely become saturated through extended use and were now at risk of spilling into the rest of the printer mechanism.

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Sounds like consumer fraud to me.  I never heard of such nonsense.