FUN: CLUE would be fun but not for 60$/year

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Classic Mystery Board Game Clue Lands in Apple Arcade

  • Eat your heart out, Sherlock Holmes.

Zachary McAuliffe
March 24, 2023 12:23 p.m. PT

*** begin quote ***

Get your magnifying glasses ready because Clue: Hasbro’s Mystery Game Plus, based on the classic board game, arrived on Apple Arcade Friday. If you subscribe to Apple Arcade ($5, £5 or AU$8 a month), you can play this game free of cost, ads or in-app purchases.

Marmalade Game Studios is responsible for bringing the board game to your screen, and this isn’t the first time the studio has brought a board game to digital devices, either. The studio has digitized other classic games, like Monopoly and Battleship, too.

*** end quote ***

I was initially attracted to it. BYAS (But Yet Another Subscription) turns me off BIG TIME!


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