SECURITY: Passkeys don’t solve every security problem

Why You Should Start Using Passkeys
Danny Chadwick
Mar 16, 2023, 2:55 pm EDT | 5 min read

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Passwords have been our first line of defense against hackers since the 1960s. But, now they’re showing their age and limitations in the 21st-century data wars. Not even password managers are safe. Passkeys are now here to help. Here’s why you should switch and enjoy a more secure digital future.

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Passkeys solve the “password” problem for only one use case.

Use cases are programmer speak for how the application interacts with the User.

If you’re the average plain vanilla User, then they are fine. 

But, if you access the application from different hardware, then you can’t use a passkey.  

Apple shares the passkeys in its walled garden, so that is another use case addressed.

I’m not sure how Google / Android addresses the use case of a different platform usage.

Having password managers storing the passkey may solve the problem but defeat the concept.



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