RANT: Isn’t this like slavery or indentured servitude?


 JPMorgan Chase ‘requires its tech workers give 6 months’ notice before they quit’
By Ariel Zilber — March 3, 2023 12:08pm Updated

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A veteran JPMorgan Chase banker fumed over the financial giant’s policy requiring staffers to give six months’ notice before being allowed to leave for another job.

The Wall Street worker, who claims to earn around $400,000 annually in total compensation after accumulating 15 years of experience, griped that the lengthy notice period likely means a lucrative job offer from another company will be rescinded.

Taking to the social media platform Blind — which allows career professionals anonymity so that they can freely post without concern about retribution from their bosses — the worker in the e-trade division lamented over the policy.

*** end quote ***

Seems like this is a form of slavery.  Even if a well compensated form of it.  I can understand wanting to protect your business but it’s a fact of life that every night your most important asset walks out the door.  

A six month notice requirement is different IMHO than a noncompete clause.  One “indentures” you; the other just limits where you can go.

I would assume that if one litigated this, the courts would see it as slavery. 

Of course, that assumes you can get “justice” in a Gooferment court, when Big Business owns so many politicians and bureaucrats.



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