VOCABULARY: What is a “right”?



French President Macron: abortion is a fundamental right for women

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As a fat old white guy injineer, I struggle when people use words that make no sense. When they add adjectives, they don’t seem to help my understanding.

A “right” is a meme that humans have agreed that everyone “has” by virtue of their humanity with respect to other humans.

You can chat with a lion, bear, or tiger, about your “rights”.  “Rights” have to be backed up with or enforced by force.  In polite society, “rights” are mutually agreed after a long violent process of “adjudication”.  

Now we can discuss “positive” and “negative” rights.  If you have a “negative” right, it’s somethings others agree not to interfere with (i.e., “free speech”).  If you have a positive “right”, then who has an obligation to provide it?  

Hence, little L libertarians don’t believe there are any “positive” rights.

Now let us parse Macron’s statement: “fundamental right”.

Clearly, he is stating a case for a “positive” right.  Who pays?  Who is FORCED to provide this service?

I don’t understand what “fundamental” adds to the equation.

And, we have to understand that “abortion” is killing a living human being. Seriously, does anyone believe that life doesn’t NOT begin at conception. 

Finally, how about that human life that is being killed?  When do that young human get their “rights”?  If you have to draw lines, the ones that have been suggested are: conception, first heartbeat, end of the first trimester, when “born”.  From my pov as a fat old white guy injineer, it when that child can defend his “rights” — for sure!



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