GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Does the Gooferment have a duty when they “steal” something?

D.C. woman leaves town to help mother, returns home to destroyed Jeep
By Matt Delaney – The Washington Times – Thursday, June 23, 2022

*** begin quote ***

A D.C. resident received an unwelcome surprise when she returned home after spending months away: her Jeep had been destroyed.

Susan Hekhuis left the area at the end of February to take care of her elderly mother, who had broken her leg. But when Ms. Hekhuis sent a friend to check on her Jeep a few weeks ago, that’s when her sorry tale began, Washington NBC TV affiliate WRC-4 reported.

“There I am trying to take care of my mom and do my job and take care of a million other things, and the last thing on my mind was that you towed my car and destroyed it,” she said.

News4 reported that D.C.’s Department of Public Works had towed Ms. Hekhuis’ vehicle from its original spot on Calvert Street NW since it was along the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon route.

The only problem is that the Jeep was towed to Connecticut Avenue NW, where street parking isn’t allowed during rush hour. The car racked up five tickets in two weeks, causing it to get towed again, this time to DPW’s impound lot in Blue Plains.

*** end quote ***

Sounds like the D.C.’s Department of Public Works owes her a new car and an apology.

When they towed her car, doesn’t that mean they have a duty to protect that asset until it’s returned to its rightful owner.

Sounds like a Fifth Amendment claim.



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